Arrhenius Equation Concept 3

by Jules Bruno
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So we use the linear form of the Arrhenius equation when a plot of lnk versus inverse temperature is given. And we're gonna say it's used to determine the activation energy or E. A. Of the reaction. Now recall that the equation for straight line is Y equals mx plus B. And what we're gonna do is we're going to rearrange the Iranians equation to fit this equation for a straight line. Now if we take a look at a plot, remember our X. Here is represented by inverse temperature. Ry by Ellen K. Alan represents our starting point. And remember our slope is changing y over change in X which is rise over run by basically rearranging our Iranians equation. Were able to get the linear form of it here. This linear form is related to a straight line, it's equal to Y equals mx plus B. Here are Y is alan Kay. Our slope M is related to negative ea over R. One over T R. Inverse temperature is equal to X and L N A. Is B. Which is again our starting point. Now here we say, remember these variables that K. Is our rate constant A equals our frequency factor or pre exponential factor. E. A. Is our activation energy and our is our gas constant which is equal to 8.314 jewels over moles times K. So remember we use this linear form of the Arrhenius equation anytime we're given a plot of lnk versus inverse temperature