Molecular Geometry Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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determine the molecular geometry for the following. And I on here we have beryllium connected to three hydrogen. Is and there's a negative charge. Now, beryllium itself is a group to weigh and we're going to say because of that it has two valence electrons. But here we have three hydrogen. So we would need three valence electrons. That's gonna be okay because this minus one charge means we gained an electron from the outside. So we add an additional electron to beryllium. Remember hydrogen only have one valence electron since their in group one a and they only make single bonds because this has a charge we put in brackets and the charge on the outside. Now, if we take a look here, we'd say that beryllium is connected to three electron groups, three surrounding hydrogen. It has no lone pairs on it. So we have three Electron groups zero lone pairs. And because of that, our molecular geometry would be tribunal plan. So this would be the molecular geometry of our particular and I'll