Molecular Geometry Example 2

by Jules Bruno
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draw and determine the molecular geometry for the following molecule sl cl four. So here sulfur would go in the center, It's in group six a. So it has six valence electrons, Halogen slows and elements in group seven a. Only makes single bonds when they are surrounding element. So sulfur is gonna single bond to four of the chlorine, the chlorine, our in group 78. So they have seven valence electrons. So here they go here now remember sulfur can have an expanded octet, which means I'm gonna have more than eight electrons around it and I'll have to in order to incorporate the oxygen, oxygen ideally wants to make two bonds, sulfur can expand its octet so soft is gonna help it out and make a double bond to the oxygen oxygen is in Group six is what has six valence electrons. So here this would be the shape of our sl cl for structure and we're going to say it is connected to five bonding groups or surrounding elements and has no lone pairs on it. So it would be tribunal by pyramidal. It's okay, so this would represent its molecular geometry