Chemical Bonds Example 3

by Jules Bruno
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Which of the following is the best description of the free flowing electrons? Metallic bonding. So here, a core electrons that can move freely between metal ions. Remember, we said its valence electrons, the electrons that are found on the outer shell in terms off the elements or ion. So this doesn't make sense, so a is out. But it would also be off because again, it's including core electrons, valence, electrons that can move freely between metal ions that we showed in the picture. Those valence electrons are not confined to each one of their those positive ions. They can move around between them. So, see is a good description de valence electrons that are bond to metal ions. They're not bound. They can freely move around and then e again. Core electrons are bond to the metal ions, yes, but metallic bonding has to doom or with the free flowing off valence electrons between positive ions, So see is the best description of metallic bonding