Chemical Bonds Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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here were asked which of the following species has bonds with the most ionic character. So think about it. When we talk about Ionic bonding, we said it's the imposing charges of a cat ion and an an ion. Remember, the cat ion, which is positive, is usually a metal. It could also be the ammonium ion. And then remember are an eye on our negative ion will be a non milk. These are the fundamental definitions we talked about way back when we first coupled covered ionic compound versus Covalin compounds. So if you don't remember that good idea to write this down. So basically the most iconic character will be the one that fits this definition of a cat ion bonded toe on an ion. So we're looking, for example, that has either a metal connected toe, a nonmetal or the ammonium ion connected to a non mental. And if we look at our choices present, we see that the only choice has to be option C because here it has tin, which is s and a metal connected to oxygen on non metal. So we have in this example of metal toe a non metal, all the others don't fit the criteria to be an Ionic compound because they're just non metals connected together, they themselves would just represent co violent compounds.